Choice of Major Most Influenced by Quality of Intro Professor


‘Majoring in a Professor’

Why are some majors more popular than others with undergraduates? Is it the perception that they lead to good (well paying) jobs? Are certain fields naturally more attractive to new undergraduates? Will students respond to tuition incentives to pick (or bypass) some fields?

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A Selection of Articles and Essays on Student Retention

IHE Report – Retention Agenda July 2013

For much of the history of American higher education, the idea that many students would drop out was simply
accepted as a given. And drop out they did. In the last five years, however, higher education has seen a dramatic attitude shift and, today, many colleges no longer view it as acceptable to have large numbers (in many cases majorities) of students fail to complete programs.

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15 Innovations to Watch For

higher ed

15 Innovations to Watch For

rofound transformations have reshaped the higher-education landscape in roughly 50-year intervals. During the early 19th century, the colonial colleges were joined by several hundred more religiously founded institutions.

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How to Better Predict Academic Success


How to Better Predict Academic Success

Advanced Placement exam scores and certain personality traits, along with standard admission practices, could improve predictions about who’ll finish college.

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